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Red Paddleboard Kiddy Alloy Adjustable Kids SUP Paddle

Designed for the younger rider this paddle has a shorter, adjustable shaft that can be extended as its owner grows or if they want to share with friends. Adjustable from 130cm to 170cm.

A reduced shaft diameter means it is nicer to use for small hands and the ergonomically designed t-grip is smaller to fit a younger paddler.

The main paddle shaft is covered in EVA foam making it more comfortable to use whilst improving grip, and the 3-piece option can easily be broken down to fit inside our Red Paddle Co board bag making it a great companion for our Snapper or 10’6″ Max Race.

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3 pieces

Adjustment: Camlock

Blade Area: 72in sq

Material: Alliage

Blade Material: nylon

Weight: 30.97oz