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BCA Stealth Carbon 240 cm - Black

The Stealth 240 Carbon Avalanche Probe features the simplest and fastest assembly on the market, with no loose cables to cause blockages. The top segment slots stealthily inside the next probe section, reducing the number of segments and the size of the probe bundle when disassembled into your pack. Equipped with depth markings to measure snowpack and/or depth of victims to determine the dimensions of the excavation area before shoveling. Our Quick-Lock hardware provides the best storage capacity and deployment speed on the market. Stealth probes are built to last and save precious seconds during an avalanche rescue when time is of the essence.

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Size: 240cm

Weight: 7.6 ounces / 215 g

Extended Length: 94" / 240 cm

Reduced Length: 15.7" / 40 cm

Diameter: 0.43" / 1.1 cm