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Red Paddle 12' Compact Voyager [Package]

Introducing our 12’0 Compact, designed with the adventurous paddler in mind. Full of features and Red Paddle Co innovations, this board is an ideal match for paddlers who are passionate about going further and touring further than anyone before with the convenience of a compact all-in-one package.

The 12’0 increased length makes this board perfect for the ultimate explorer who wants to travel the world with their SUP. Designed with a drawn out shape to increase glide, the 12'0 Compact is ideal for paddlers who want to explore without limitation. Large volume make this board an ideal exploring and touring board, designed for competent paddlers.

The board has a quad stringer tensioning system, giving maximum rigidity, while the split deck pad means the board is easier than ever to fold and roll away into a super small package, making it the most transportable adventure SUP on the market. The board has a super-strong but supple outer layer that can be packed away neatly in its Compact backpack.

Based on the ever-popular Red Paddle Co Voyager, this board provides the perfect blend of stability and manoeuvrability and is packed full of features and innovations found on the popular Voyager range. An accessory mount and additional cargo points mean you’re set for any adventure you could think of.

Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards to give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board.

New for 2022: 

A new look for our flagship Compact range, with a soft grey and cyan drop stitch and a new split deckpad. This allows for water to run off more effectively and improves the 'packability' of the board. It allows the board to fold on the hinge, make it easier to fold and roll.

NEW Adjustable Cargo System 

A new and improved cargo system has one adjustable bungee strap and two flat elastic straps. A twin d-ring locking system allows easy adjustment and release and the small loop is ideal for water bottle storage.

NEW Compact Voyager Backpack

Exclusively available with the 12’0 Voyager, this backpack is based off our original Compact bag that comes with our 11’0 and 9’6 Compact boards. Improved lumbar support is now even more adjustable, making sure the bag is the right height for each wearer.

The highly engineered backpack opens fully at the front and top to make it easier to pack your board away or even carry the board unfolded. Optional compression straps pack the board in as tight and small so its securely held in the back. Red reflective safety trim and external water bottle pockets mean this backpack is both safer and more useful than ever.



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Special Price $1,499.39 Regular Price $2,498.99
Paddle Board Type
Inflatable SUP
Rider Style
All-Around Fun, Touring
Compact Voyager Backpack
Titan II Double Chamber SUP Pump
Two Twin Click Fins (FCS compatible)
5 Piece Paddle
12' x 32" x 4.7"
Maximum Rider Weight
302 L
Additional Details
Quad Stringer System: State-of-the-art tensioning stringers to deliver maximum rigidity.
Small loop: Ideal for water bottle or flip flop storage
Cargo System: Six-point bungee system for easy and secure storage
Carry Handle: Offset to cater for differing rider heights with soft touch tubular handle and embroidered logo.
Deckpad: Supergrippy RED embossed EVA deckpad to stop deck becoming slippy
Tailpad: Crocodile cut rear section provides greater grip while surfing.
Leash point: Secure, inbuilt, marine grade stainless steel D-ring to firmly attach your leash.
Lining Hinge: Unhindered center line to enable small pack size.

Compact Voyager Backpack: The 12’0 Compact backpack is based on our original Compact bag (supplied with 11'0 and 9'6 Compact.
We think it’s the most highly engineered SUP bag on the planet, and as it applies approximately 53% less downforce on the carrier’s lower back, you can travel for longer in comfort. With customisable lumbar support and adjustable height features, it’s suitable for almost any size of paddler.
Dimensions: Height: 600mm | Width: 420mm | Depth: 360mm

5 piece Compact Paddle: Made of high-modulus carbon for extra rigidity, with a durable pure nylon blade. The Nylon blade of the paddle is laser etched, with no printing, chemicals or transfers and produced with a single pure material. Meaning the design will stay on forever, resulting in no aesthetic implications.
5 years