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Bataleon The Surfer LTD

When there's an ocean of pow, nothing compares to the Bataleon Surfer. Boasting a giant 3D nose and our most advanced 3D shaping to date, this board guarantees effortless float and powerful turn with astonishing edge hold on slopes.

With only 75 produced and delivered in a custom travel sleeve, you’ll be the envy of the lift line on the limited edition Surfer Ltd.

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Medium Camber
Pow 3BT: Designed with a directional, tapered shaped, narrowest centerbase, and larger sidebase uplift area and angle in the nose than in the tail. The setback design provides better backseat comfort and control at speed and in powder and variable conditions. This shape and it's large nose is designed to stay afloat on the deepest of days.
Ultra Light: Our lightest 70-30 Swiss paulownia and poplar wood blend for the lightest strength to weight ratio.

Dual Radial Super Tubes: Features six hollow carbon core inserts parallel to the board radius for extra power transfer to the edge.

Carbon Stringers: Carbon is feather light and adds explosive pop, precise edge control, reactive response and smooth dampening to a board.
Hyper Glide S: Sintered base that’s tough and fast, and faster when waxed.
Hyper Glide S: Une base sintrée solide et rapide et qui sera encore plus rapide une fois bien cirée.
Sidekick: Dramatically increases the sidebase uplift on the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain.
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Triple Base Tech (3BT): Triple Base is the pre-shaped form of a board in motion, and just like the wings of a plane or the hull of a boat is curved to perform, best your snowboard should also be shaped for its environment. You get a stable centerbase, uplifts from bindings to widest point and a finale side kick tip to float in powder.
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