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Established in 1995, Alternative Sports is an independant specialty store dedicated to snowboarding, skateboarding and urban fashion. Managed and operated by riders, Alternative Sports launched in 2006 its online store,, and in 2011, its women's apparel division, Alternative La Division Femme.

Located in Rimouski, in Eastern Quebec, we now have customers all acrossCanada and even abroad!




Patrick, owner of the shop, is the mastermind behind the Snowmission since 2006. This celebration of snowboarding is now the only non-profit event in the province of Quebec dedicated to snowboarding. To learn more, visit


Gang de snowboarders du Mont-Comi

Alternative Sports is a proud partner of this friendly group of volunteer snowboarders, organizing activities to teach and cultivate the love of snowboarding amongst youngsters.


Snowpark Alternative Sports du Parc du Mont-Comi

The Snowpark from Parc du Mont-Comi is built and taken care in partnership with Alternative Sports. We offer different setup combinations for all types of riders and skill levels and organize Slopestyle for all ages every year.


Fratpck Mont-Comi

Alternative Sports is a proud sponsor of this competitive snowboard team named FRATPCK. Focused solely on Freestyle Snowboarding, this team is a project led by Patrick, owner and Philippe, director.